Engaging and supporting toolmakers and maintainers




We sensor & identify Cardano & Catalyst needs and Challenges

Thru our Community Network, we connect people to projects and skills to tasks

As a Collaborative movement, we engage, guide & coordinate projects and teams to success

SwarmLabs is a collaboration between the Catalyst Swarm, AIM, Treasury Guild & Fluid7. Our Goal is to engage and motivate Developers to build Tools and Platforms for the Cardano & Catalyst Community

Supporting Toolmaker & Maintainer

Our Community consists of highly engaged and skilled Developers, building Tools and Platforms for our Ecosystem. SwarmLabs aims to provide financial support to already existing initiatives and to support and sustain important initiatives.

What we are up to

Ecosystem Map

Treasury System

Bounty Board

First PoC for a planetair based map. Goal is to develop a catalyst & cardano Community Map

A first and fully transparent Treasury system has been established.

We start to coordinate main acitvities over a transparent project & bounty system

Contribution Track GMBL

We build on systems to track trust and participation with Gimbalabs Tokens

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