SingularityNET is a global community that sees the need to contribute the diversity of their skills to enabling decentralized and distributed systems where the gift of AGI is entirely in the hands of humanity at large, evolving beyond the industrial age legacy systems of centralized power.

The Catalyst Swarm community support services & engagement with the SingularityNET Community, to nurture and grow the SingularityNet Ambassadors program and Developer Communities to achieve next levels & success.

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Join weekly Sessions & Workshops to build the SingularityNET Ecosystem. Live on Discord

Community Podcast


at 18.00 UTC

Process Guild


at 10.00 UTC

 Weekly Town Hall


at 18.00 UTC

Live on Discord

Expert Group

Wednesday ( Bi weekly )

at 16.00 UTC

Ambassador Program

Become a core contributor to the SingularityNET Ecosystem & Community.


Meet the SingularityNET Community & Ecosystem. A Community of brights minds and friendly souls, coming together to work on common visions


Learn about the SingularityNET Community & Ecosystem and its various acitivites and projects to build the future of decentralized AGI


Engage in a wide spectrum of activities and become a core contributor to the SingularityNET Pioneering community

Get in Touch with us and join the SingularityNET Ambassadors program

Project Deepfund

Get funded through Deep to develop your AI service and publish it on the SingularityNET Platform. Keep ownership of your model, monetize your intellectual property and contribute to building a global ecosystem of decentralized AI!


Join the Community

Catch up on lates happenings & events

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