Create, fund and deliver the future of Cardano.

Project Catalyst is an experiment in community innovation, providing a framework to turn ideas into impactful real world projects. We’re putting the community at the heart of Cardano’s future development. Are you ready for the Challenge?


Welcome to Catalyst Swarm. Here you will find some basic information which will help you through your journey. Be aware, Catalyst is a complex and growing ecosystem. Keep focus on your priorities to not get lost XD


Get yourself an account on Ideascale, the official platform used to submit, edit and review all Catalyst Proposals

Plan your Journey

Approximately every 4 months, project Catalyst enters a new Funding Cycle. Our Catalyst Clock makes it easy to visualize the flow of a Funding Cycle and the phases we will go through from start to finish.

Phase 1

June 1 to June 30

Proposal Submission

The first step on your funding journey will be to submit a proposal in Ideascale.  You can start with a draft while collaborating with the community to refine your ideas and clarify your presentation.  As you improve the quality of the proposal you will eventually be asked to Finalize your submission.  Once a proposal has been Finalized, you will no longer be able to edit it, so make sure all checklists are complete, and important attachments and improvements have been added.

Phase 2

June 30 to July 14

Proposal Review

Now the Catalyst quality assurance community takes over.  Community Advisors (CAs) will assess your proposal based on specific criteria, including Impact and Feasibility, and they will award your proposal a corresponding grade.  Once the CAs have finished their work, you will be given an opportunity to see the CA assessments on your proposal, and to offer feedback or even challenge assessments that violate community guidelines.  Veteran Community Advisors (vCAs) will then follow up on this feedback, and will check all assessments for conformance to community guidelines, filtering out any assessments that are found to have violated the guidelines.

Phase 3

August 11 to August 25


After aggregating the results of all the valid assessments, your proposal will be ranked against its peers, and provided to the community via the Catalyst Voting App.  Now the Ada holding Voters take over, checking out proposals of interest to them, taking into consideration the assessments that have been made, and finally submitting their secure yes or no vote to the Cardano blockchain.  If you receive enough votes, and enough of those votes are positive, you are on your way to having your proposal approved by the community.

Phase 4

August 25 to September 1

Tally and Announcement

Once the voting stage is over, the results will be tallied.  This results in the Final Results being announced, where all proposals are ranked according to the total voting power assigned by voters to each proposal (example).  If a proposal doesn’t receive enough positive support, it will be listed as Not Approved, but if voters have positively supported your proposal, your voting power ranking will compete with the rankings of your peers, with the highest ranks being funded first, until the Challenge Setting funds are depleted.

Phase 5

September 6 to September 20

Funded Proposer Onboarding

If you have been approved and funded, Congratulations!  But now the hard work of realizing your project begins.  You will be asked to fill out onboarding forms and attend an initial getting-to-know-you meeting where you will learn about next steps in acquiring your funding, monthly progress reports and general information about the process workflow.  In Catalyst, these funded cohorts are called ‘Coordinators’, and you will have an experienced and knowledgeable community available to answer your questions, with representation on the Catalyst Circle to ensure your voice is heard.

Find the Community

The best way to ensure that you find the tools and support that you need, when you need it. Start to get in touch with the amazing Catalyst Community where you will find many helping hands to empower you on your journey.




Landing Page

Meet all Catalyst Proposers and their ideas on the Lidonation Website

Get in touch with the main Telegram group of the Catalyst Community. 

Community driven Catalyst Server build and maintained by  Committed members 

Community build Catalyst – landing Page by George Lovegrove ( PACE )


Visit the Catalyst School and join their free workshops and learning sessions. These are sessions and workshops made by the community, for the community, to help new members getting started in Project Catalyst.


Each Wednesday at 17.00 UTC Live on Zoom

Catch up with previous Town Halls

And Thats it

Are You Ready? You should have everything you need to start your journey with us. We are here with you, and whether you seek inspiration or collaboration, the path through Catalyst is long and exciting. We are happy to have you. So, see you around the Catalyst Community. And Welcome to the Swarm.

More Swarm in our GitBook, hosted by QA DAO

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