The Catalyst Swarm is an Assembly of well experienced and highly engaged Cardano & Catalyst Community members from all over the world. We are proactively involved in building the future of Cardano through Project Catalyst. 





As active Members in Project Catalyst, we have been successfuly funded from the community through previous funding rounds. The Swarm Proposals are  the pollen for our Community, and we make fine honey

As Community Advisor we support our Community to validate and assess submitted proposals and to help Voters to make better decisions

As experienced members of the Cardano Ecosystem, we help and support new projects getting started and connected and to have everything needed to grow

We build and Maintain Tools, Services, Partnerships, networks and  Collaborations for the Cardano Community and the Catalyst Ecosystem

Challenge Teams

Catalyst Circle

Swarm members often participate as Team members for Challenge Teams to help and support funded proposers along their way

Since the first version of the Catalyst Circle, the Swarm stays and acts close to the Catalyst Circle


Catalyst Swarm Milestones and high engagements & collaborations are building the line of the Swarm’s evolution. Slowly but surely we grow our way 🙂

Documentation by QA DAO


We are creating spaces that all may enter without privilege or prejudice accorded by race, economic power, military force, or station of birth. We are exploring a world where anyone, anywhere may express his or her beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity and we provide open stages to the community to present Projects, and to meet and connect. Visit our Events



By Experience and action, we build adaptable and adjustable centers of gravity in which the Community builds relations, partnerships, awareness and a collaborative environments.

From our Engagement in organizing and hosting community Events, Sessions and Workshops, we earned crucial Experience to develop “out of practice protocols” in building Community Infrastructure. This Experience helped us to initiate and support the emergence of the local community focused Eastern Town Hall & the LATAM Town Hall where presentations and discussions are held in local time & language. Meet the Town Halls on our Event page 🙂


In additional collaboration with the Catalyst School, we provide educational resources, Sessions and Workshops to our local communities. Content and concepts are shared and translated between each other.

Catalyst Proposals

The Catalyst Swarm emerges and enables all its resources from within Project Catalyst. Our main actions and operations are presented as Catalyst Proposals and all received fundings to reward our contributors coming directly from the Community Treasury. Our Legitimacy and Accountability is therefore fully based on the communities vote and decision to fund the Swarm and its evolution.

However, it is a true Challenge to build innovative sustainable models without ensured funds. As a Catalyst Funding Round lasts 4 months, we submit since fund 6 our Swarm Proposals with which we slowly but surely build the Swarm and its future




There is a lack of interaction between proposers and voters in Project Catalyst

See the Proposal

Town Hall is attended by highly engaged participants of the Cardano ecosystem. They need a moderated space for discussion and networking.

See the Proposal

Documentation of Catalyst-Swarm, a self organizing community supporting the success of Project Catalyst, requires support to be sustainable.

See the Proposal

There is a lack of interaction between proposers and voters and its hard for Proposers to reach out to voters to present their projects

See the Proposal

Town Hall is attended by highly engaged participants of the Cardano ecosystem. They need a moderated space for discussion and networking.

See the Proposal

Catalyst Swarm needs resources to reward crucial and important community engagement besides sessions and events.

See the Proposal

Challenge Teams and Proposer need a place to connect and to align ideas and actions in a early stage of a Catalyst Funding round

See the Proposal

Documentation of Project Catalyst requires support to be sustainable.

See the Proposal

Latin America does not have an adequate and frictionless entry point to the Cardano and Catalyst Communities

See the Proposal



All [SWARM] Pool rewards are directly distributed to reward extraordinary Community Engagement from Individuals or Projects 

More about the emerging SWARM Fund under Pool Network ( Ryuuki ) and on our Discord